What happens when more and more chain stores refine their e-commerce and omni-channel retailing becomes a reality? How will the rent be set, when more and more visitors spend their time showrooming? Whatever route the commerce of the future takes, reliable visitor statistics will be necessary for every property owner and manager. 

“There is a lot happening in retail at the moment. The consumers are presenting new patterns of behaviour and this is resulting in challenges, for both stores and commercial centres. With many changeable parameters, it is even more important to have reliable measurement methods, follow-ups and analysis tools. Because visitor statistics are based on making historical comparisons, every outage or other loss of data is not just a problem when it happens, it will also be a problem in the future, when there is no reliable comparable entity. Our wireless, scalable and robust systems, which report data securely via the latest mobile technology, are greatly appreciated by our customers. They know they can rely on the delivery, from the first installation and on to the ordinary daily operations,” Niklas Andersson, Sales Manager, Viametrics, says.

Swedish company in the top 5 globally

Swedish Viametrics is one of the world’s five largest suppliers of visitor counter systems.  The head office and development department are located on the outskirts of Gothenburg, where it has the whole world at its feet. With customers in 50 countries and around 12,000 systems in use, Viametrics counts more than four billion visitors for its customers, every year. The majority of customers are chain stores and shopping centres. Today, the company has around 220 commercial centres on its customer list. Here can be found the names of well-known players in Sweden, including Atrium Ljungberg, Diligentia, Eurocommercial Properties, IKANO Fastigheter, Jones Lang LaSalle, KF Fastigheter, Newsec, Sten & Strøm, Vasakronan and many more.

Sweden is well ahead and continuing to develop

“Even if we are a global player, we are not that large that we cannot provide individual service with a genuine personal commitment. You could say that we have taken care to keep the small company’s soul. Because we develop and manufacture both the measurement equipment and the software ourselves, we can also make flexible adaptations based on our customers’ wishes. We have a complete understanding for our systems, and the development department is working continuously to simplify and refine further the visitor count for our customers,” Niklas Andersson explains.

A recently developed function is the Key Performance Index (KPI) module, which lets the user enter his own specific data and key figures to match them with the visitor statistics later. With the help of zone measurements, among other things, Viametrics can draw up an easy-to-grasp picture of the shopping centre, and show how the different parts are doing visually. The KPI module gives the option for more detailed analysis and advanced forecasts for the future.

Knowledge gives a negotiating advantage

The future of the chain stores is being shaped at the moment by technological developments and insights into new patterns of consumption. Property owners and managers must be able to match this, to give good service and deliver attractive visitor traffic. Companies like Viametrics are one part of a growing business intelligence sector, which can help shape the future’s refined commercial centres.