Visitor counting – for the smallest shop to the biggest arena and airport

Obtaining reliable, comparable statistics on visitors, guests, residents, customers or the general public opens up new possibilities. Visitor statistics show trends and tendencies that constitute advanced decision data for both daily operations and strategic decisions. Today, most of Viametrics customers are chain stores, shopping centres, public environments and streets and squares.

Hardware, installation, software, and always at a fixed price

Visitor counting systems from Viametrics always consist of hardware, installation and software. By hardware, we mean sensors and the communications unit. Installation is always performed by trained and experienced personnel. The software is the way in which you want to receive the statistics – either through our proprietary analysis tool ViaWeb or through integration with your existing ERP system through ViaConnect.

We always provide a fixed price with everything included. Then you pay a monthly subscription based on the number of measurement units and which of our other services you require.

We count billions of visitors in 50 countries

Viametrics is one of the world’s leading providers of visitor counting systems. Today, we have measuring equipment installed in shops in 50 countries around the world. Our customers are expanding so soon there will be even more.