Shopping center – a complex environment that requires simplicity

Many measurement points and reliable, comparable statistics over time provide a better basis for setting rents and rent negotiations. Our measurement system is scalable and wireless, which also means that we can quickly and easily install as many measurement points as you wish. We don’t need to make a mess in the property with unnecessary wiring or making holes.

Let your employees follow visitor flows on a big screen

ViaWeb then gives you all the visitor statistics in a very clearly arranged manner. Here you’ll find all conceivable options for comparisons over time and between locations. If you supplement your system with ViaZon, you can learn even more things about the shopping center. Zone measurements show exactly how many people there are, where and when, how long they stay and where they go subsequently. Let us connect to your office so that you can always see have the visitor flows on big screens.

Besides the commercial opportunities, there is money to be saved. Follow the flows and customize the service to your visitors. Clean the toilets when they are used instead of by the clock. Let the security department assign guards to places that are particularly vulnerable at certain times.

Top off these new insights with ViaKPI and see directly how key figures such as sales, rents, etc., that are so important to your business evolve along with the shopping center.

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