What is included in the visitor counting system?


Hardware, installation and software

Visitor counter systems from Viametrics always consist of hardware, installation and software. By hardware, we mean sensors such as heat cameras or multi beam sensor curtains as well as communication units. The installation is always carried out by our own staff, whilst the software is the way in which you wish to have the statistics packaged. Either by means of ViaWeb, the web interface we have developed ourselves, or by direct integration with your existing business system through ViaConnect.

A complete package at a fixed price

For the sake of simplicity, we always offer a fixed price where everything is included. Many in the industry apply a succession of additions; we don’t. We are building long-term customer relationship and for this reason we avoid giving our customers unpleasant surprises. One price, everything included; then there is just the monthly fee for the subscription on top.

Monthly subscription with optional level of service

To obtain visitor statistics from Viametrics, you pay for a monthly subscription based on the number of measurement units as well as the level of service you wish to have from our customer service and support.