"ViaWeb: statistics, comparisons and trends – simple and clearly set out"

ViaWeb: statistics, comparisons and trends – simple and clearly set out

ViaWeb is our proprietary analysis tool that presents your visitor statistics in every conceivable way. Via a simple and intuitive user interface, you choose how you want to view the information. Sort by country, region, city, property, and then separate the different entrances and measurement points. ViaWeb facilitates both comparisons between different units and comparisons over time and seasons.

The system is web-based, so all you need is an Internet connection to access the tool. ViaWeb offers you endless possibilities for arranging and personalizing your visitor data. Your settings and views are always saved so that you have them there the next time you log in. You also have the option of customising which views and functions are to be available to different users in your organisation.

Perfect if you want a stand-alone solution

VIaWeb is a powerful analysis tool that allows you to the leverage every conceivable benefit from your visitor data. It is a perfect solution for those who want a stand-alone solution, rather than integrating the data flow with an ERP system.

Used today by our customers in 50 countries

ViaWeb is easily accessible, simple and powerful. It has support for many different languages so that international organizations can get the greatest possible benefit. Here are some examples of companies and organizations that appreciate and use our analysis tool ViaWeb: Arlanda Sky City, Eurostop Halmstad, Kompassen Göteborg , Valbo Köpcentrum, Sturegallerian, Stockholm and A6 Jönköping.