600 stores in the world, Viametrics began in Scandinavia

In autumn 2011 Villeroy & Boch became customer of Viametrics, then as now, the goal was to get a reliable, dependable and to have same system in all stores. Since then Viametrics installed more than 85 stores, most installations have taken place in Scandinavian shops. Now, in the spring of 2014 Viametrics installed a number of stores in Australia, which has gone very smoothly because we have our own installers around the world.

“We are where our customers are,” says Viametrics Area Market Manager Niklas Andersson.

“Now we can quickly and easily measure and monitor customer flows in our stores”

So says Isabelle Schrepfer responsible for the IT department within the Villeroy & Boch’s retail operations. She is pleased that the 90 or so stores in Europe have chosen Viametrics as a supplier of visitor counting system.

“We can get daily information and, not least, prompt service if something goes wrong,” she says.

“We have tailored an inexpensive system for a demanding customer. Our system has now definitely proved to cope with a tough competition out there in the world,” concludes Viametrics Area Market Manager, Niklas Andersson.

About Viametrics

Viametrics AB develops and markets GSM-based customer counters for chain stores and shopping malls. Viametrics has about 12.000 systems in operation in 50 countries around the world. The main markets are the Nordic countries (Sweden). Viametrics AB is a growth company that is in an expansive phase, with the goal to establish own offices in Europe. Viametrics turnover of approximately 55 million SEK.

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