Public environments – more and more are acquiring visitor counting systems

Whether an activity is operated publicly or privately, it has a mandate from its principals to provide services to visitors. Through reliable visitor statistics, you can demonstrate the scale of the activity and thus gain arguments for funding or development of various kinds.

The public environment also includes activities such as central rail and bus stations and other transport nodes that today need to manage both a shopping center’s activities and provide for their transport mandate. With ViaZon, we provide detailed, clearly set out information about exactly what visitor flows look like, including how many people move in which direction, how long they stay, and in what directions they then continue on their way.

Immediately measurable effects of urban planning

Clients such as city centers use Viametrics visitor statistics to study the effects of congestion taxes on individual streets and thoroughfares, how a heated sidewalk or pedestrian mall can redirect visitor flows. In short, you can use the insights gained from the visitor data to clarify the total economy of various solutions for urban development.

Recommended services for public environments