Deepen the Knowledge of Your Store Performance

ViaKPI enables you to follow how your stores perform over time or against each other, regardless of their geographical location. Pinpoint where they perform well and why.

ViaWeb KPI

Handle Key Figures Together with People Counting

ViaWeb KPI enables you to manage key figures directly in our analysis tool ViaWeb. This helps you as a retailer to quickly identify areas that can become more profitable.

ViaWeb KPI Helps You Work with the Numbers

ViaWeb KPI analyses strategic key figures you already work with and offers a flexible way of visualising all data. ViaWeb KPI ensures that all key figures are being utilised in your organisation.

This paves the way for a profitable business strategy.

Save Time and Money

Thanks to the possibility to monitor both business and people counting in the same tool, the analysis becomes both time and cost efficient; all in one user-friendly interface.

ViaWeb KPI enables efficient monitoring of key figures and creates a good and clear foundation for strategic decisions.

Manual or Automatic Input

ViaWeb KPI supports both manual and automatic input of values, and it integrates with the top POS (Point of Sales) systems. We can also customise the delivery to your organisation’s requirements. Your key figures can be reported with desired intervals or entered manually in ViaWeb.

Simplify Your Work and Raise the Quality

With ViaWeb KPI you gain knowledge that improves the quality of your organisation. At the same time, it simplifies the production of internal reports.

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