"With ViaZon, we can see our visitors’ behaviour patterns."

ViaZone – position, direction, and time – how do your visitors act and why?

With ViaZone, Viametrics offers a powerful tool to acquire deeper and more detailed knowledge and understanding of your visitor statistics. By placing counters at strategic positions, we can measure the flow of people in motion. The counters record not only the number of visitors but also in which direction they are going and exactly when they went in that direction.

You can see how many people came into a specific zone and how long they stayed. Where did they go afterwards? Which door or passage is the most used? How many preferred to take the stairs instead of the escalator? Where was crowding greatest during the afternoon? Whether it’s a shopping center, an airport, a big store or a museum, there is much to be learned and major improvements to make with the aid of ViaZone. You can see zone measurements easily in ViaWeb or why not add a map on a big screen in the office and see visitor flows hour by hour?