"With ViaKPI whole new opportunities are opened up for comparing various data, and finding the company's key performance indicators."

What is ViaKPI?

Viametrics’ ViaKPI makes it possible to manage your key figures directly in our analysis tool ViaWeb. As a retail executive you can easily pinpoint areas that can be made more profitable.

ViaKPI analyses the strategic key figures you are already working with and know well. It is a flexible way of visualising all data. ViaKPI ensures that all key performance indicators are used in your organisation.

This enables developing a profitable business strategy!

Key Benefits

Having the possibility to monitor your business and people counting data in the same tool, the analysis becomes both time and cost efficient – all in an easy-to-use interface.

ViaKPI makes it possible to manage your sales figures effectively and creates a good and clear basis for your strategic decisions.

With ViaKPI you gain knowledge that increases the quality of your organisation and facilitates the internal report work at the same time.

New Version Available

  • Show individual series over time together with visitors.
  • Compare key figures to previous years or a custom period.
  • Display values or the percentage development for your comparisons.
  • Display average values for series and facilities over time.


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